CPOL Resume Builder

Firstly what is CPOL, well if you have had a look around this site you have probably got an idea. However officially it stands for the civilian personnel online website (cpol.army.mil). Although this is an arm of the military you are not considered a soldier at all. If you get a Cpol job, you are generally part of a civilian corps. This can be an army, Navy or Air Force civilian corps. However getting one of these jobs is pretty much like getting any job. You have to apply, get a resume together, go to an interview and then wait and hope you got the job.

What is the CPOL Resume Builder?cpol resume builder

To help speed up the recruitment process, the army has a special system for submitting resume’s known as the CPOL resume builder. It is based on the army’s Centralized Resumix System. This system allows for the online submission of an applicant’s resume. It allows for a standardized format for the resume and empowers the reviewer at the other end to make a faster decision regarding the position available within the army. The system allows for supporting information, like qualifications, employment history and more, to be submitted. A comprehensive profile of the applicant can built through online contact only.

What are the benefits of using this system?

One of the main benefits is that you are doing this all from the comfort of your desk at home. You do not have to visit and army recruitment office and this allows for a cool down period. Some people see the army as a bit of a last resort. Whilst this is most definitely not true, the army isn’t for everyone. So a cool down period is a bonus and will give those who truly do not want a military job a chance to look for something else.

The army is pushing for all recruits to use this system as it allows for easier tracking and faster turnaround on job applications. The army wants to fill these jobs as quickly a possible and if you are determined to get an army job, this will expedite your move into a civilian personnel position within the army.

Finally, the flip side to the resume builder is the Answer tool. Answer is a acronym for (The Applicant Notification System Web-Enabled Response tool). It allows job applicants to track their application history, check the status of their resume and view all the information (including the resume) they have submitted to CPOL.

Final Thoughts on the CPOL resume Builder

The resumix system will take your skills and try and match them to the right job. So make sure that your resume includes the most up to date and accurate information about your working history possible. It only allows one resume per person as they are trying to fit you to the most appropriate job they have going at the time.  However you are able to make changes but this will eat up valuable time and may cause the system to match you to the wrong type of job. So try and get as right as possible the first time.

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