CPOL Employment

Firstly what is CPOL?

CPOL stands for Civilian Personnel On-line. A part of the military that is crucial for it’s on going viability.The fighting personnel and other military support staff are critical to having a strong Army, Navy and Air Force; however there are many jobs that do not require any formal initiation into any of the fighting services.  All the military codes need to employ people to fill jobs like, cleaners, truck drivers, delivery drivers,  painters and other employment types.

How do you get that CPOL Employment or Jobs?

The military has need of civilian workers. So they are constantly assessing new CPOL employment hopefuls. To become one of these candidates you do need to fulfil a number of criteria.
cpol employmentNot all jobs but most will require some kind of background check. The job could bring a potential employee in contact with some critical materials and therefore trustworthy employees are preferred.  After this the procedure pretty well the same as for any other type of employment.

Types of CPOL Jobs

A few of the most popular categories of employment within CPOL are as follows.

  • Technology Jobs – The US military have some of the most advanced computer systems on the planet. So this area does employ alot of skilled IT workers.
  • Medical Jobs – this can range from Surgeons to General Practitioners to Nurses and orderlies. Employment within this area can be varied and interesting.
  • Finance and Budgets – The Military services have some of the biggest budgets of any departments in the US Government. So a virtual army of accountants, book keepers, financial controllers and many others are employed.
  • Engineering – this can range from logistical to construction.  This part of the military takes the following jobs under its umbrella. Mechanics, brick layers, carpenters and much more.
  • (NAF) nonappropriated fund civilian personnel . this area takes into account jobs such as recruitment and retention personnel and employment such as Human resources.
  • Army Substance Abuse Program- psychological aid on substance abuse.
  • Army Contracting Command- contracting

Other benefits of CPOL Employment

Employment in the military is generally not your run of the mill job.  The flexibility and variation of positions is an aspect that appeals to a lot of people.  In other words just because you enter the military doing a specific job means you will always be doing it. besides moving up through your current employment hierarchy, there is a lot more provision to move sideways than in your standard job.

Travel , seeing the world; if you are a born traveller then some positions within the military offer great scope for travel. Positions open up all over the world and not just in war zones. The US military maintains bases in many friendly countries around the world and is always happy employ US civilian personnel  for these roles. if you have a family, in most cases the family will be able to travel with you.

there are other great remuneration benefits such as

  • Paid holidays and vacations
  • Sick Leave
  • Overtime
  • A great medical benefits program
  • peerless retirement program

Studying while you earn is heartily encouraged by CPOL. Studying all the way from a bachelors degree through a masters degree and all the way up to a Doctorate is possible through CPOL Employment. However even if you are not interested in getting a degree there is on job training, so you will be gaining skills the whole time you are employed.

CPOL Jobs are the best in the world. Do not hesitate to give them a go. Get your resume together and submit it to the army resumix system as a first step to your new career.


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