cpol.army.mil is the official CPOLsite. Cpol stands for “civilian personnel online” as a site dedicated to the employment of civilian personnel for the Military. However even though it is predominantly a job site, it does offer a lot of other information that military employment hopefuls and current employee’s can use to help manage their day to day working lives. Here is a list of some of the information that is detailed on the army portal site.

  • Benefits and Entitlements - Within the site there is a New employee benefits tool kit, which outlines all the possible benefits that some who gets a civilian job in the army can expect. This includes areas like leave, extra earning entitlements, savings plans, over time and the like.
  • Career management – the managing of your
    cpol.army.mil career with in the US military is something that is often only done as an after thought. However the Cpol site encourages new employees to plan ahead, to give your self a clear career path in the Army.
  • Civilian Expeditionary Workforce - is an area of the Cpol Army site that is dedicated to those personnel and potential employees who wish to have over seas deployment as part of their career structure. This is basically an area for people who want to have the chance to travel as part of their job.
  • Civilian Human Resource Agency – Is a portion of the site that provides “civilian” human resources support.
  • Emergency Guidance and Alert - this section outlines the procedures the Army has to counter any kind of catastrophic event that may affect civilian Army personnel or their families.
  • General information - The general information section has menus to the Army library which contains almost all information ever gathered about the US military. Also there are links for Army Brac “base realignment and closure”, Model tasks and listings, Configuration Control Board.
  • Labor Relations - in this section labor relations bulletins are posted.
  • Links Army - has links to the Army exit survey, Deputy chief of staff’s web site, Assistant secretary of the Army web site and many more. This is a very valuable link and should be explored fully.
  • Management employee relations - is the section that highlights awards that are given out by the army and contains the tapes newsletters. TAPES being the acronym for Total Army Performance Evaluation System.
This article has only scraped the surface of the information that is collated at cpol.army.mil. As a military resource it has no equal on the web. All information for civilian employees in the US Army is gathered here in one place. Not to long ago this information was distributed over many websites and documents on the web. this was proving to be a problem and out of this need for order cpol.army.mil was born. It has been a blessing for those of us employed by the US Army, Navy, Air Force, Department of Defence (DOD). It helps manage the Army employee relationship and although not perfect it does a very good job of keeping all personnel informed and updated about what is happening in the Army regarding their jobs.
lastly there is a login area of the civilian employee portal. If you are an employee of the Army you will be able to register for an account here. This is highly recommended as there is more information inside and it also gives you access to the AKO “army knowledge online system”
To get to the army cpol system click here

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