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How Many People Work for The US Military?

The US Army employs many hundreds of thousands of active duty personnel. This figure does not include Reservists and the National Guard.  The Navy also employs a similar amount of active duty personnel.

However there are many more hundreds of thousands of support and logistical staff. On top of this there are the civilians that work for US Military. Put all these figures together and the number of people working for the US Military is in the millions. How do we get one of the Army jobs,Navy Jobs or any other military jobs?

How do get a Civilian Job in the Military?

Well basically the US Military, including the Army, Navy and Air Force are pretty much like any other employer, except on a larger scale. They require that you apply for one of the thousands of jobs being advertised every week. You will need to supply a resume and you will have to have a job interview. However to apply you need to go through the CPOL Employment system,  CPOL being Civilian Personnel Online . This system has been puti in place to speed up the whole employment process. As you could imagine when you are advertising thousands of jobs every week, you really do need to streamline the CPOL job application process. This is where the Army Resumix System come into play.

What is the US Army Resumix System ?

The Army’s Centralized Resumix System allows potential job applicants to enter their resumes digitally and online.  This speeds up the whole job application process. Aresumix resume is quite different to a standard resume and does not follow the traditional resume layout. This is because a resumix resume will be first scanned by a computer and not reviewed by a person. This scanning software will search for certain keywords in the resume and will sort it appropriately. So when making your resume you have to be careful when adding these keywords as your application will not be successful if the resumix system does not pick up the right keywords. These keywords are very important and an industry has grown around supplying people with highly keyword optimized resumes. There is an online resumix resume builder and it is highly recommended that you take advantage of it.  In fact I can safely say that if you do not your resume will not see the light of day at the Army, Navy or Air Force. Once created and submitted the resumix system will match your skills against the job list it has in it’s database.

Resumix system pitfalls.

One of the biggest pitfalls is that people over optimize there resume’s for the resumix system itself. You need to remember once your resume has been selected by the computer as a match for a particular employment position. It then goes to be reviewed by a employment officer. If the resume is unreadable by a human then your application for that military job will end right there. So yes you still have to write the resume for a a human to review. Another pitfall is that people will build the wrong resume for the particular arm of the military they want to work for. An army resumix resume can only be 3 pages long yet a navy resumix resume can be 5 pages long. If you get this wrong once again you will have no chance of being chosen for that job interview.

Final thoughts on CPOL Resumix Resume

If you are finding the whole process daunting or if you have submitted your CPOL resume a number of times, with no success. Then maybe you should consider getting some professional help. As I said earlier there are small companies on the web willing to not only help you build your resumix resume but also walk you through the whole process. This is a great option if you are starting to get a little desperate.


Here is a link to the cpol resume builder web site

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