AKO Army Knowledge Online


AKO Army Knowledge Online

AKO is an abbreviation for Army Knowledge Online.

Which then begs the questions what is Army Knowledge Online?

It is a system developed by the United States Army to incorporate Army knowledge into a web-based enterprise system. Some of the functions of the system are classified and declassified networks, web based email, directory of Army, National Guard and Civilian information. The beauty of the system is that is a single point of entry to the internet and therefore provides a higher level of security to sensitive information.

AKO is based on several propriety and off the shelf software platforms and is now considered possibly the largest intranet in the world, with approximately 2.5 million users accessing the system regularly.

Users of the system come from many areas some of the biggest being Active Army, Army Reserve, Army Retired, Contracted ROTC Cadets, DA (Department of Army) Civilian, Future Soldiers, Medical Retired, NAF (Nonappropriated Funds) Civilian, National guard and US Military Academy Cadets.

In most cases to access the system you need to have a Common Access Card (CAC) and a PIN. Passwords expire every 150 days. If you access AKO without a CAC then a user will have answer a number of personal questions.

Once users have accessed the Army Knowledge Online system, they can collaborate with other users, check email and access training literature. A copy of the AKO system has been forked off to the Department of Defense (DOD). This system has been branded DKO (Defense Knowledge Online) and basically works in the same manner but for other defense personnel.


AKO DKO How Do They Differ?

What is the difference between AKO and DKO?

Ok, there is a quick and simple answer to this AKO is the acronym  for Army Knowledge Online and DKO  is the acronym for Defense Knowledge Online.

This may seem kind of obvious at first and although they are basically the same thing, there are some subtle differences that we should explore.

The main difference is that the DOD (Department of Defense) has shut down the DKO portal. DISA (Defense Information Systems Agency) has now rolled the DKO portal intoAKO DKO a new system called the Enterprise Services Portal. The reason for the change is due to a lack of uptake by Defense personnel and the power that be decided that a wider ranging system that incorporated all aspects of Defence information systems would be a better approach. The main functions of the new system will be file sharing, enterprise services access and widgets.

AKO will also be phased out over the next few years. As the Army modernizes and becomes more mobile centric, the old Army Knowledge Online system does not appear to be keeping up. A new way of thinking has entered into the USA military services and this new way of thinking needs to be incorporated into the Information Systems. Add to this the fact that technology is just accelerating ahead in leaps and bounds.

Soldiers can now make mobile phone calls from remote battle fields, using satellite technology and can browse the web and access the AKO email system. Soldiers can use their mobile devices to help them tactically, they can use their satellite phones to call in air strikes and backup and receive orders from commanding officers.

These mobile devices are becoming more and more prominent in battle zones as well as in general Army life so the informations systems need to reflect this change.

Android Apps and AKO Email

We have been asked this question a lot here at akowebmail.org. Are there any Android apps that connect you to the Army Knowledge Online system. The answer is yes and no. I know that sounds a bit cryptic but let me explain.

Firstly if all you want it to download your army emails, here are some instructions on how to get emails from any Android device (original here)

“Incoming Server–>
(from the dropdown on top): IMAP mail server
Server: imap.us.army.mil
Username: first.last (without “@us.army.mil”)
Password: password
Advanced Settings–>
Port: 993
Use secure connection: CHECKED
Use secure password (TLS): Auto
Verify Certificate: UNCHECKED

Outgoing Server–>
SMTP server: mailrouter.us.army.mil
Username: first.last (without “@us.army.mil”)
Password: password
Advanced Settings–>
Port: 465
Use secure connection: CHECKED
Use secure password (TLS): Auto
Authentication: Auto
Verify Certificate: UNCHECKED”

However, there is the US military’s “Go Mobile” initiative. In this initiative the US Army and other military services within the USa are attempting to make everything that happens on a desktop happen on mobile devices. this initiative is having varying amounts of success and although you don’t seem to be able to access the Army Knowledge Online intranet as yet, the US Army is working on a fix as we speak. The best places to look for Apps that can make your online military life easier are www.army.mil/mobile/ and www.goarmy.com/downloads.html.

If you know of any more information as to Army Apps online please do not hesitate to contact us so we can update our information.

What is Army Knowledge Online?

Army Knowledge Online which is often abbreviated as (AKO), is an online military portal for the USA military. Whilst we do touch on the topic here a more thorough explanation of  the portal is probably required.

Technically Army Knowledge Online is just a name. It is the name for the worlds largest intranet and which is controlled by the US Army. Although these days many other military services use the intranet also and it is heavily frequented by members of DOD (the Department of Defence). The DOD members use the same system but is is just re-branded as Defence Knowledge Online.

The portal was set up in the late nineties to offer defence personnel a single point of entry onto the internet. However it also has a website component that stores a lot of day to day information that is required by military personnel.

Another function of “Army Knowledge Online” is to provide secure access to military emails. Latest figures show that the AKO email systems handle approximately 13million emails a day for defence personnel.

You do not have to be on active duty to have an AKO account. You can be in support roles with in the military and qualify for an account. In fact the US military encourages all military personnel to apply for an account and to handle all their net correspondence through this system, as it is monitored and very secure.

With the advent of smart phones and tablets service men and women are accessing their emails within the AKO system a lot more using these mobile devices. It has been causing issues both for the defence Personnel wishing to access their emails and also for the Army Knowledge Online system managers. These problems will be addressed more in the next post.

What is AKO Webmail?


What is AKO Webmail?


Firstly AKO stands for (Army Knowledge Online) which is an online portal used by the US Army to handle most, if not all of it’s internet chatter. It is the worlds biggest intranet and allows Army and Military personnel to surf the internet and check email securely. Us.army.mil is the website that handles the intranet and most military personnel will know this site as the face of the army online.


Who is Elligible?


While often AKO Web mail is referred to as an Army site. It is technically a Military site. So a number of different Defence Forces have access to this intranet. Active personnel who are eligible for an AKO account are Army, Army Reserve,DA Civilians, guests of Army personnel, retired vets of the Army, NAF Civilian,  ROTC Cadets (MS III and IV), Future Soldier, Individual Ready Reserve, U.S. Military Academy Cadets and National Guard members. If you are currently an acting member of one of the above defence forces then you are required to have an acount in the AKO system.

  • The official website is here. you can check it for more info on protocol.