AKO Army Knowledge Online

AKo Army Knowledge OnlineAKO is an abbreviation for Army Knowledge Online.
Which then begs the questions what is Army Knowledge Online?

It is a system developed by the United States Army to incorporate Army knowledge into a web-based enterprise system. Some of the functions of the system are classified and declassified networks, web based email, directory of Army, National Guard and Civilian information. The beauty of the system is that is a single point of entry to the internet and therefore provides a higher level of security to sensitive information.

AKO is based on several propriety and off the shelf software platforms and is now considered possibly the largest intranet in the world, with approximately 2.5 million users accessing the system regularly.

Users of the system come from many areas some of the biggest being Active Army, Army Reserve, Army Retired, Contracted ROTC Cadets, DA (Department of Army) Civilian, Future Soldiers, Medical Retired, NAF (Non-appropriated Funds) Civilian, National guard and US Military Academy Cadets.

In most cases to access the system you need to have a Common Access Card (CAC) and a PIN. Passwords expire every 150 days. If you access AKO without a CAC then a user will have answer a number of personal questions.

Once users have accessed the Army Knowledge Online system, they can collaborate with other users, check email and access training literature. A copy of the AKO system has been forked off to the Department of Defense (DOD). This system has been branded DKO (Defense Knowledge Online) and basically works in the same manner but for other defense personnel.

rmy Knowledge Online, known as AKO, is a global intranet website with the primary function of connecting troopers and civilians. It is an official military website that helps civilians as well as troopers to communicate with one another from any location. AKO was created in 2004 when military engaged in supporting Iraqi Liberty felt the need of a platform to talk to one another. After AKO was developed, the military users were able to receive and send messages via AKO webmail.

AKO webmail provides a secured technology and risk-free strategy of transferring sensitive and important information. It provides for a high level of encrypted shield. AKO provides features like chat, file-storage, email, chat, weblogs, different place services and many others. The best feature as well as the most important feature provided by AKO webmail is the linkage to other army websites. By providing links to other websites, AKO webmail enables other army websites to share with each other some information on areas like healthcare, regulations, and journals and free of charge anti-virus products. It offers a platform forAmerica’s Military atBattle, to contact one another as
well as their loved ones. But each army member has to sign up for anAKO webmail account.

Not everyone can sign up for an AKO webmail account. Only those who are a part of the armed services are eligible for an AKO email account. For starters, AKO website provides various links of information for establishing AKO Webmail account. Before you start signing up for an account, you should first have all the necessary particulars like date of birth and other contact details. The website also offers tutorial both in text as well as audio format.
AKO webmail uses two-factor authentication forms for security:

  • CAC Login: CAC (Common Access Card) login uses two factors for security – common access card and PIN. For signing in to your AKO webmail, you would require your common access card number and your PIN.
  • Password login with data primarily based authentication: This authentication asks for your username and password before signing in to your account. This also uses two factors – username with password and KBA. KBA is used to protect your account from hackers.

These layers of security are added to AKO webmail in order to keep your account secured and risk-free. The security policies formulated by AKO Webmail should adhere to Department of Defense and army CIO/G6 needs. AKO Webmail has to go through various certifications and accreditation processes.

AKO Webmail and other applications of AKO are very complicated. Starters feel that they are not user-friendly but once you understand the processes and details, you will realize that AKO is a very easy and user-friendly website.

Army Resumix

How Many People Work for The US Military?

The US Army employs many hundreds of thousands of active duty personnel. This figure does not include Reservists and the National Guard.  The Navy also employs a similar amount of active duty personnel.

However there are many more hundreds of thousands of support and logistical staff. On top of this there are the civilians that work for US Military. Put all these figures together and the number of people working for the US Military is in the millions. How do we get one of the Army jobs,Navy Jobs or any other military jobs?

How do get a Civilian Job in the Military?

Well basically the US Military, including the Army, Navy and Air Force are pretty much like any other employer, except on a larger scale. They require that you apply for one of the thousands of jobs being advertised every week. You will need to supply a resume and you will have to have a job interview. However to apply you need to go through the CPOL Employment system,  CPOL being Civilian Personnel Online . This system has been puti in place to speed up the whole employment process. As you could imagine when you are advertising thousands of jobs every week, you really do need to streamline the CPOL job application process. This is where the Army Resumix System come into play.

What is the US Army Resumix System ?

The Army’s Centralized Resumix System allows potential job applicants to enter their resumes digitally and online.  This speeds up the whole job application process. Aresumix resume is quite different to a standard resume and does not follow the traditional resume layout. This is because a resumix resume will be first scanned by a computer and not reviewed by a person. This scanning software will search for certain keywords in the resume and will sort it appropriately. So when making your resume you have to be careful when adding these keywords as your application will not be successful if the resumix system does not pick up the right keywords. These keywords are very important and an industry has grown around supplying people with highly keyword optimized resumes. There is an online resumix resume builder and it is highly recommended that you take advantage of it.  In fact I can safely say that if you do not your resume will not see the light of day at the Army, Navy or Air Force. Once created and submitted the resumix system will match your skills against the job list it has in it’s database.

Resumix system pitfalls.

One of the biggest pitfalls is that people over optimize there resume’s for the resumix system itself. You need to remember once your resume has been selected by the computer as a match for a particular employment position. It then goes to be reviewed by a employment officer. If the resume is unreadable by a human then your application for that military job will end right there. So yes you still have to write the resume for a a human to review. Another pitfall is that people will build the wrong resume for the particular arm of the military they want to work for. An army resumix resume can only be 3 pages long yet a navy resumix resume can be 5 pages long. If you get this wrong once again you will have no chance of being chosen for that job interview.

Final thoughts on CPOL Resumix Resume

If you are finding the whole process daunting or if you have submitted your CPOL resume a number of times, with no success. Then maybe you should consider getting some professional help. As I said earlier there are small companies on the web willing to not only help you build your resumix resume but also walk you through the whole process. This is a great option if you are starting to get a little desperate.


Here is a link to the cpol resume builder web site resumebuilder.cpol.army.mil

Civilian Military Jobs

These are jobs in the armed forces that are given to civilians that have specialized skills. Working in the military calls for plenty of honor and respect, and not many people can manage that. There are many people that would like to work in the military, but they just do not have the physical and mental energy that is required in this job. Fortunately, you can apply for jobs in the military if you possess certain skills or expertise in a particular field.

Civilian military jobs were first established in 1776. Before 2006, the armed forces employed only drivers, laborers, craftsman and carpenters. In 2006, the chief of staff in collaboration with the Secretary of the army introduced new positions for civilians. This new department was named the Army Civilian Corps, and the people who work in this department are required to perform duties that an army officer cannot meet. These jobs can only be performed by people with a high degree of competency and skills.

The jobs have been divided into various categories also known as occupation families. The supervisory jobs, professional jobs, analytical jobs and technical support jobs are them main categories. In the supervisory jobs we have jobs such as human resource, administration and program management while technical jobs include finance, accounting and computer. Analytical jobs, on the other hand, include engineering, biological sciences and physical sciences jobs. We also have medical jobs such as health care and dentist. Jobs such as public information, investigation, foreign affairs and law enforcement fall under the protection and investigation category.

When you are employed in the civilian military jobs field, you will begin at a level known as Band 1 and general schedule. However, those who are employed in jobs that require high degree of professionalism and skills usually start at a higher level. These include engineers, scientists and medical jobs. These professionals start at Band 1, GS-5 level. You will keep on moving to the next year as you gain experience and your promotion to the next level will depend on the number of years you have worked in the military, rather than your skills. Band 4 GS-14 levels is the highest position a civilian employee can attain. It is important to no6te that this position can only be attained by those in the engineering, investigation, protection and scientific fields.

When it comes to the benefits of working as a civilian in the military, those working as civilian military employees enjoy several benefits. For one, you will get a compensation package that includes vacation days, paid for holidays, bonuses and incentives. In other words, you will get similar benefits to those working in other jobs. You will also get a medical cover that caters or your long term health care. In addition, these employees are given a free medical insurance and they are also enrolled in the military retirement benefit plan as well as other social security benefits. Other benefits of working as a civilian employee in the military include having a flexible schedule, job sharing, telecommuting among others.

To apply for civilian military jobs, you will need to confirm if you have met the necessary requirements. You must have the expertise and skills required for the job you want to apply for. If you are qualified, you will need to write a resume and then check the jobs listed on the army website and submit your resume for consideration. You will get a notification once your application has been considered.

Lastly, to apply for civilian military jobs in the military you must have a high degree of professionalism. Most of these jobs require you to be an expert in a certain period. Serving in the military enhance your career since it symbolizes a high degree of professionalism.

Army Civilian Jobs

How to Apply For Army Civilian Jobs

There are many jobs that civilians can apply for in the army. These jobs are known as thearmy civilian jobs and they are jobs performed by people other than those working as army officers. These jobs are usually reserved for those who wish to work for the military, but for some reasons fail to qualify. In spite of your educational background, you can find a job in the military that meets your qualifications. There are jobs for professionals as well as for casual laborers. Applying for a job in the military is not like the normal application process because you can not take your application to a military base. The best alternative, therefore, is to apply online.

The first thing you should do if you want to get a civilian job in the military is to know your skills. Identify the areas you are good and use this information to come up with a strong resume. The Civilian Personnel online website contains the skills required to get army civilian jobs and you can use this information to access your skills. Here you will also get a list of job openings available for you to apply. Identify the job that suits you most and then upload your resume. Make sure to keep checking on the status of your application to make sure it goes through.

The section where you will upload your resume has a resume builder that is intended to assist you to upload the resume correctly. If you are not sure about the job you want to apply for, use the search function on the Army civilian jobs website. You can search the job by location, control number or current status if you are already an employee in the army. This will help you to locate the job you are looking for fast since you will only get the jobs that match your specifications. The next thing after locating the ideal job for you will be to tailor your resume to make sure it addresses the needs of the jobs. You can then send the resume and wait for a reply.

It is always good to contact the help desk or the department you are applying the job for clarification about the position. This will show your willingness and the department may consider you before other applicants. However, you can only get the job if you met the stated qualifications. It will take two weeks or less for the army to contact you and inform you if you have been selected for the job. You can check your hiring results on the website by clicking the answer button. You will learn if you were considered for the position or if your application was rejected.

Applicants for army civilian jobs are advised to give only true information in the resume since a background check will be done to conform that what you have included in your resume is right. If you provide wrong information you will not be considered for the job.

Applying for army civilian jobs can be done on the Civilian Personnel online website. Here you will find a wide range of positions. Choose the one that matches your skills and then send a resume. There are different types of jobs in the army for civilians ranging from professional jobs, technical as well as administration jobs. These jobs are put under one category known as the Army Civilian Corps. If you are a spouse of an army officer you can apply for these jobs when your spouse is relocated to a new station. The personnel in these jobs get several benefits including health, retirement, medical as well as vacation benefits.

Air Force Jobs

What are the Requirements for Air Force Jobs?

There are some requirements that you must meet before you can apply for air force jobs. Many people want to work
air force jobs in the air force because these jobs come with security, but they also come with very strict requirements. Most people think that jobs in the air force are for pilots only, which is not true. Only a few personnel in the air force serve as pilots, while others are technical and non-technical personnel. If you want to get into the air force, you should know what you need to become eligible.

There are several modes of entry into the air force jobs. You can become an officer in the training school, an Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC), Air Force Academy or join the direct commission. The ROTC is best suited for those who are in college while the direct commission is best suited for those who are planning to work in the medical field.The first step to becoming an air force office will be to undergo a four year training program. Nevertheless, degree holders can choose to go for training for 14
weeks only. To join the air force you must be a holder of a high school diploma and above. Make sure to contact your local recruiting officer if you are planning to join the Direct Commission or ROTC for directions.

Once you apply for air force jobs, the recruiting officer will select a date in which you will be required to undergo a physical test. The doctor will have to confirm that you are physically fit before you can be accepted into the air force. You will also need to be mentally fit, and in this test you must achieve a score of 75 percent in order to be accepted. After this, you will go for the air force officer qualifying test (AFOQT). This test is divided into five main areas namely the aptitude test, navigation, pilot, quantitative and verbal. This test contains 11 parts and you may take hours to complete. If you are planning to become a pilot you will need to et a score of 20 out of 20.

If you pass the test, you will need to submit your documents. You will need to communicate with the recruiter to know what documents you are supposed to submit. Some of the documents you will need to submit include your resume, three recommendations letter, high school certificates as well as your report for physical test. You may also need to provide your birth certificate and citizenship proof documents. Other requirements for air force jobs include being a citizen of the United States and you must also be an adult of 18 years, but not above 30 years. Other requirements will depend on your entry mode and you can get them from your recruiting officer.

The age limitation plays a very crucial role in air force jobs, and if you have no experience you will need to apply for the job when you are 17 so you can go for training. If you are planning to work as a training officer you must submit your application before you reach 34 years. You should only apply for a job in the army if you have no prior convictions. Moreover, you should not have a history of drug abuse. You should also know that obscene tattoos are illegal in the armed forces.

The air force jobs are viewed by people as one of the most prestigious jobs in the country. These are people that protect the country at night as well as during the day. You will need to meet several requirements to be admitted to the air force.

CPOL Employment

Firstly what is CPOL?

CPOL stands for Civilian Personnel On-line. A part of the military that is crucial for it’s on going viability.The fighting personnel and other military support staff are critical to having a strong Army, Navy and Air Force; however there are many jobs that do not require any formal initiation into any of the fighting services.  All the military codes need to employ people to fill jobs like, cleaners, truck drivers, delivery drivers,  painters and other employment types.

How do you get that CPOL Employment or Jobs?

The military has need of civilian workers. So they are constantly assessing new CPOL employment hopefuls. To become one of these candidates you do need to fulfil a number of criteria.
cpol employmentNot all jobs but most will require some kind of background check. The job could bring a potential employee in contact with some critical materials and therefore trustworthy employees are preferred.  After this the procedure pretty well the same as for any other type of employment.

Types of CPOL Jobs

A few of the most popular categories of employment within CPOL are as follows.

  • Technology Jobs – The US military have some of the most advanced computer systems on the planet. So this area does employ alot of skilled IT workers.
  • Medical Jobs – this can range from Surgeons to General Practitioners to Nurses and orderlies. Employment within this area can be varied and interesting.
  • Finance and Budgets – The Military services have some of the biggest budgets of any departments in the US Government. So a virtual army of accountants, book keepers, financial controllers and many others are employed.
  • Engineering – this can range from logistical to construction.  This part of the military takes the following jobs under its umbrella. Mechanics, brick layers, carpenters and much more.
  • (NAF) nonappropriated fund civilian personnel . this area takes into account jobs such as recruitment and retention personnel and employment such as Human resources.
  • Army Substance Abuse Program- psychological aid on substance abuse.
  • Army Contracting Command- contracting

Other benefits of CPOL Employment

Employment in the military is generally not your run of the mill job.  The flexibility and variation of positions is an aspect that appeals to a lot of people.  In other words just because you enter the military doing a specific job means you will always be doing it. besides moving up through your current employment hierarchy, there is a lot more provision to move sideways than in your standard job.

Travel , seeing the world; if you are a born traveller then some positions within the military offer great scope for travel. Positions open up all over the world and not just in war zones. The US military maintains bases in many friendly countries around the world and is always happy employ US civilian personnel  for these roles. if you have a family, in most cases the family will be able to travel with you.

there are other great remuneration benefits such as

  • Paid holidays and vacations
  • Sick Leave
  • Overtime
  • A great medical benefits program
  • peerless retirement program

Studying while you earn is heartily encouraged by CPOL. Studying all the way from a bachelors degree through a masters degree and all the way up to a Doctorate is possible through CPOL Employment. However even if you are not interested in getting a degree there is on job training, so you will be gaining skills the whole time you are employed.

CPOL Jobs are the best in the world. Do not hesitate to give them a go. Get your resume together and submit it to the army resumix system as a first step to your new career.




AKO is the Abreviation for “Army Knowledge Online”. We have spoken about this system before in the article ” Army Knowledge On-line ” but it is such a broad topic we feel we should revisit it.

AKO broadly speaking is a site that is run by the US Army and falls basically under the umbrella of the department of Defence (DOD) , who incidentally have branded the same site DKO  . We realize this is a little confusing and there are so many abbreviations however bear with us and all will be explained.

The history of the AKO and DKO website stems form the DOD getting snowed under with enquiries about military jobs. Both service men and women employment and well civilian personnel. A lot the question that were being asked by prospective employees were being asked over and over again. So a decision was mad to consolidate alot of this information and as a result AKO was born. When you head to the website you will see a relatively un interesting screen that has 3 options. When clicking on any of the links your browser will ask you to authorize the security certificate for the site. You can accept this as the site is run by the military and if you can’t trust them who can you trust?

1) Login AKO/DKO

If you have a CAC (Common Access Card)You can click on the blue link labelled “AKO/DKO Login Page” If you do not have a username and password you can also register one by clicking on that same link.

2) Login AKO Webmail

This link will take you to a separate login for webmail. The page will look similar to the one in option 1) above. The link looks like this “AKO Webmail Login Page”

3) Help AKO/DKO Help Site

This third link is probably the most useful those of you who are trying to do some research into Army, Navy, Air Force or basically any military jobs. When you click on this link you will basically be presented with 6 option and they are as follows.

  • Get Answers : We store all resolved problems in our solution database. Search by product, category, keywords, or phrases.
  • My Stuff : Login to check the status of your questions, modify your answer update notifications, update your personal profile, or access restricted information and features.
  • Report Computer Attacks : Submit a report to ACERT regarding computer attacks.
  • DoD Security Requirements May Require Browser Changes : On 23 June 2010, AKO converted to using only NIST/NIAP-approved Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption. To ensure access to the Portal, it may be necessary to change your individual browser settings. For more information and required security settings, click here.
  • *NEW Enterprise Email Support and Information : DISA’s new Enterprise Email service support and information is pending development. For support and information contact your regular IT support organization. *AKO/DKO service desk agents are unable to provide support for Enterprise Email
  • Contact AKO Helpdesk : Click here to read our most commonly asked questions, read about any announcements, or find out how to contact/call us should you still need assistance.

The bullet point above that we will be speaking about here is “Get Answers” This link will send you to a well stocked database that has an answer to almost any question you could possibly ask about the military. However if you do manage to exhaust this wealth of knowledge then you can always try the “Contact AKO Helpdesk“ although you should make this a last resort.

For your convenience we have put a link to the AKO and DKO website here!

Wikipedia also has some good information on Army Knowledge Online (AKO) here en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Army_Knowledge_Online

Different aspects of CPOL

Cpol Employment . Civilian Personnel Online

CPOL stands for Civilian Personnel Online which is basically the employment part of all military services in the United States of America. This includes the Army, Navy, Air Force and all subsections of; such as the Army reserves. CPOL specialises in recruiting no serving or civilian personnel to supporting roles, such as cleaners, chefs, mechanics and other such not fighting roles. The jobs that are recruited can be more exciting than your general run of the mill job. There is always the chance that you may be employed in another country if you are open to relocation as part of your vocation.

Army civilian jobs are generally the most sought after jobs in CPOL and employing people in the army tends to be an easy affair as the army is the largest fighting for in the United States military and therefore requires more support staff. Just like any other job you will need to get a resume together and submit it to the Army resumix system, which electronically sorts resume.s into the different niches with in the army job system. The army does have a cpol resume builder system that you can use to help you get a resume together and it is highly recommended that you do this. Within the Army some of the most popular and most highly sort after jobs are technology jobs,
CPOL medical jobs (including nurses), engineering Jobs and accounting jobs.

Air Force jobs

The US Air Force has some very specialized jobs that don.t occur in most other military codes. These jobs tend to revolve around the air craft themselves. The Air force has a lot of staff to support just a very few individuals; the pilots! These highly trained experts require a lot support because they are thin end of the attack wedge. These pilots tend to come through the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC). However do not despair everyone in the air force is an integral part of a well oiled machine and everyone is treated with respect from a lowly cleaner all the way up to the fighter pilots.

Navy Jobs

When people think of Navy Jobs, they generally think of jobs on the war ships. However the Navy employ many more people that never come in contact with a ship than those that do. So if you feel you want to travel the world while working then the Navy is a great choice. However if do not want to travel the world then the Navy is still a good choice as they have many support employees in land based locations

Army Jobs

Although we have discussed Army jobs before there are some other interesting points to make about being employed in the army. Firstly, civilians that employed by the Army will generally stay put. So if you are not interested in leaving American soil then a job at an Army base is for you. Secondly, Army employment tends to stable, with a great dental and health plan and very good job security.

Army Knowledge On-Line (AKO)

AKO is a site that is run by the defence forces. It is also sometimes known as DKO or defense knowledge online. This site provides a lot of information about how the military works and how to operate within the defence system. A subsystem is known as AKO Webmail. This system is a secure email client that provides all the functionality and security you could expect from a system run by the Army.

Everyone who works for the defence forces can use one of these email accounts and it is highly recommended that you do. One thing that is a problem is that Google chrome is not considered secure enough so you will have to use either Internet Explorer or FireFox.

Army Resumix System

The Army resumix system sometimes also known as the CPOL resumix system is the most important of all military websites for the prospective employee. Why? Simple, this site is the only way you can get a job in the Army, Navy or Air Force. Although the website shows you how to submit a resumix resume it does not help you write one. For that you will either have to write one yourself or get someone to write one for you. There are many great resumix writers out there and a simple google search will quickly high light just a few of them. They are usually part of companies that specialize in resumix resume writing.


Online Jobs for teenagers : teenagers are making lots of money online these days. Why is this? because they understand the technology. That gives teenagers a big advantage over their parents and grandparents who are trying to get online jobs. One big area that is opening up for teenagers is the area of virtual assistants. These jobs usually just require you to filter email and organise website posts and such things.


You want a civilian military job? Yes, then go out and get one. It is not as hard as you might think and in these uncertain times the military is employing more than it ever has. A military job might be just what you need to get you through these tough economic times and see you through to a better time. However, who knows, you might actually like the position and stay with the Defence forces.


cpol.army.mil is the official CPOLsite. Cpol stands for “civilian personnel online” as a site dedicated to the employment of civilian personnel for the Military. However even though it is predominantly a job site, it does offer a lot of other information that military employment hopefuls and current employee’s can use to help manage their day to day working lives. Here is a list of some of the information that is detailed on the army portal site.

  • Benefits and Entitlements - Within the site there is a New employee benefits tool kit, which outlines all the possible benefits that some who gets a civilian job in the army can expect. This includes areas like leave, extra earning entitlements, savings plans, over time and the like.
  • Career management – the managing of your
    cpol.army.mil career with in the US military is something that is often only done as an after thought. However the Cpol site encourages new employees to plan ahead, to give your self a clear career path in the Army.
  • Civilian Expeditionary Workforce - is an area of the Cpol Army site that is dedicated to those personnel and potential employees who wish to have over seas deployment as part of their career structure. This is basically an area for people who want to have the chance to travel as part of their job.
  • Civilian Human Resource Agency – Is a portion of the site that provides “civilian” human resources support.
  • Emergency Guidance and Alert - this section outlines the procedures the Army has to counter any kind of catastrophic event that may affect civilian Army personnel or their families.
  • General information - The general information section has menus to the Army library which contains almost all information ever gathered about the US military. Also there are links for Army Brac “base realignment and closure”, Model tasks and listings, Configuration Control Board.
  • Labor Relations - in this section labor relations bulletins are posted.
  • Links Army - has links to the Army exit survey, Deputy chief of staff’s web site, Assistant secretary of the Army web site and many more. This is a very valuable link and should be explored fully.
  • Management employee relations - is the section that highlights awards that are given out by the army and contains the tapes newsletters. TAPES being the acronym for Total Army Performance Evaluation System.
This article has only scraped the surface of the information that is collated at cpol.army.mil. As a military resource it has no equal on the web. All information for civilian employees in the US Army is gathered here in one place. Not to long ago this information was distributed over many websites and documents on the web. this was proving to be a problem and out of this need for order cpol.army.mil was born. It has been a blessing for those of us employed by the US Army, Navy, Air Force, Department of Defence (DOD). It helps manage the Army employee relationship and although not perfect it does a very good job of keeping all personnel informed and updated about what is happening in the Army regarding their jobs.
lastly there is a login area of the civilian employee portal. If you are an employee of the Army you will be able to register for an account here. This is highly recommended as there is more information inside and it also gives you access to the AKO “army knowledge online system”
To get to the army cpol system click here

Hollywood helping veterans get back to civilian life

Nearly everybody dreams of living the Hollywood lifestyle at some point in their lives. With the launch of the Got Your 6 campaign this dream is set to become a reality for many military veterans. In a move not seen before many of the largest studios, talent agencies, broadcast agencies and other entertainment companies have opened their doors and backed this campaign to provide civilian roles for military veterans throughout America.

army civilian life‘Got your six’
is a common military expression which means ‘got your back’. That is exactly the image that this campaign aims to promote, the fact that even after someone has left the military there will always be somewhere there that has got your back and willing to your life back on track once again.

The campaign was formed by the entertainment industry at the Clinton Global Initiative America meeting after inspiration from First Lady Michelle Obama’s ‘Joining Forces’ Campaign. This campaign launches today in a fantastic show of strength.

First Lady Michelle Obama today said ‘The Entertainment Industry captures our imaginations, opens our eyes and touches our hearts, and I’m proud to work with them our Joining Forces Initiative” she further continued with a rather touching statement “By sharing the stories of strength and resilience that define our military families, we can motivate even more Americans to honor these courageous individuals in new ways.  That’s why I’m looking forward to working with the industry in the months and years ahead.”

Many of the largest entertainment companies in the world have already given their public backing to the ‘Got Your Six’ Campaign. This includes Bad Robot Productions, Directors Guild of America, NBC Universal, Foursquare, Funny or Die, Viacom, Warner Brothers and the CBS Corporation.

Ron Meyer, the current president of Universal Studios and a U.S. Marine Corps Veteran had this to say “Together, we are uniting to bring awareness to this incredibly important issue of bringing our country’s trained leaders home to be a valued part of our communities across the nation.”

The campaign was launched at a star studded event with famous names in the industry such as Tom Hanks, Milla Jovovich & Sarah Jessica Parker in attendance. Many other names that weren’t there also pledge to raise awareness of this worthwhile cause throughout the United States.

Awareness of the campaign will be generated in a number of different ways. The backing of the entertainment industry means that script integrations and advertising will be the norm. There will also be special events held throughout the United States with merchandise distributed.

The managing director of the Got Your Six campaign is Chris Marvin, a former helicopter pilot who was injured whilst in Afghanistan. He clearly set out the aspirations of this campaign with his statement “Over the next five years, more than one million service members will return to civilian life. It is imperative that Americans see this as an opportunity.  As we welcome this generation of veterans home, it is crucial that we view them and their families as leaders and civic assets.  Got Your 6 is a clear call to action for all Americans to join with our veterans in reinvigorating our communities”

The campaign will focus on six different pillars of ‘reintegration’:

  1. Jobs – This campaign will attempt to get over 500,000 veterans hired by businesses by the end of 2014.
  2. Education – The campaign pledges to get colleges and universities to run veteran targeted educational classes.
  3. Health – The campaign intends to educated 100,000 graduates about the specific health needs of people leaving the armed forces.
  4. Housing – The campaign intends to get all chronically homeless veterans housed by July 2014.
  5. Family – The campaign aims to get military families reintegrated into the community by a variety of different means.
  6. Leadership – The intention is to get over 1.5 million of hours of community services from ex-military personal by July 2013 with the intention of teaching them leadership skills.

Each of these pillars is supported by experts in the field to ensure that all of the goals are reached. In addition tot this many activation partners have signed up to support this worthwhile campaign. If this campaign is successful, and there is no reason to believe it won’t be all military personal will be successfully integrated back into civilian life after leaving their positions.

Civilian Expeditionary Workforce

If you are looking for a fulfilling job with great pay opportunities then you should really consider joining the Civilian Expeditionary Workforce. Working for the Department of Defence will ensure that you are getting job stability in addition to happiness that you are doing work that is helping the country as a whole. There are many jobs out there for civilians wishing to work in the military, I am sure that you will be able to find something that suits your experience and none of them will require that have any previous military experience. The Civilian Expeditionary Workforce also has many
Civilian Expeditionary Workforce jobs that will enable you to work abroad, something that you will not be able to do in most other jobs. With this job you know that you are helping the military to create a more peaceful world to live in.

If you have a degree or feel that you have a skill that can be shared with the world then it would make sense to look into applying to work as a civilian for the military. Even if you only spend a year overseas you will not only be safe in the knowledge that you are helping the military achieve their goals but it will look absolutely fantastic on your resume when you return, it will really help put you at the top of the ‘maybe’ pile when applying for a new job. Always check the requirements of the job before you apply to increase your chances of being accepted. You should keep in mind that as this is a military placement you will need to go through security clearance, this will involve looking at your personality as well as your past history, although this shouldn’t really worry most people. If you really feel that you have what it takes then you are ready to make a difference to the world.

In the Civilian Expeditionary Workforce every person is seen as an important cog in the wheel. Each person’s experience has the capability of making something change for the better. You will not get this same level of ‘importance’ placed upon you in any other job out there. It really doesn’t feel great to be important.

It doesn’t matter what your previous experience is. The Civilian Expeditionary Force is looking for everyone. Do you have accountancy experience? How about logistics experience or maybe even public affairs experience? Then you are wanted to feel these jobs and provide the military with the experience that they are currently lacking. You really will be surprised about how much your experience whilst in the workforce can work wonders when you look for jobs in the future.

Applying for the job is not difficult, there is a website set up by the government which enables you to browse all the jobs available from one simple place. After that it is just a matter of submitting your CV, after that you will be well on course to change your life forever. There is no better job than applying for the Civilian Expeditionary Workforce.

here is the civilian expeditionary workforce website